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A will explains how a person's property should be transferred at the time of his or her death. This allows a person to leave property to the people he or she desires, and it avoids problems that may arise if a person dies without a will.

A will also can designate the person who will care for minor children, set up a trust for the benefit of another, and name the executor of the testator's estate.

Vicki Whitlow Thomas helps you draft a will and explains the consequences of the choices you make when drafting a will. Contact our office get help with your wills and living wills in Houston.

Wills in Houston

The traditional method of transferring property upon death is a legal will. The person making the will, who is also known as the testator, must be of sound mind and must not be forced or deceived into signing the will.

A will must be signed by the testator or by another person at the testator's direction or in the testator's presence. The will must be signed by two witnesses, and the witnesses must sign in the testator's presence.

A Houston legal will usually can be modified by a document called a codicil, which must be executed in accordance with Texas law. A will can be revoked two ways:

  • By a later will, codicil, or other writing that adheres to the legal requirements of a will
  • By the testator destroying or canceling the will or by causing it to be done in his or her presence

Vicki Whitlow Thomas helps with your estate planning and houston probate law. She drafts wills and codicils that modify or revoke previous wills. Let her help you ensure that your will reflects your wishes.

While a will explains the testator's wishes upon his or her death, a living will explains his or her wishes about the withdrawal or withholding of life-sustaining procedure if he or she is unable to make or communicate decisions about his or her care.

Vicki Whitlow Thomas drafts living wills as part of your estate planning. Contact her for help with probating in Houston.

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